Dr. Anne Worth

Christian Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader

Shelter is a beautiful word, used many times in the Bible to speak of God’s protection and rest. Psalm 91, Psalm 9:9, Psalm 31:20, to mention just a few references. But in our humanness, it is difficult to feel safe as we shelter ourselves “in place” from the pandemic raging around us. We are spiritual beings living a human existence. As such, we are fragile and vulnerable. We are shocked and grieved at the loss, pain, and suffering around us. Yet God is always there to nourish our Spirit, and give us the ability to live in a spiritual dimension here on earth.

I am not on the front lines of an emergency room or exposed to the virus through my essential job, and I can hardly imagine how difficult the human stress and strain is for those who are there. And yet, God offers a refuge. We can go him in every circumstance, even for a few seconds, and find a kind the strength and peace that makes no sense to anyone who doesn’t know him.

As I stay in my home to follow the guidelines to keep myself and others safe, I try to follow one of the most important commandments…to seek first the Kingdom and God. The peace I find under the shelter of his wings, helps me extend hope to others.

God promises He will give us the things we need. Many times in my seventy-seven years, I did not receive what I wanted, what I asked him for. Yet as time passed, I could see that he gave me what was best for me. I couldn’t see it at the time, but in retrospect, I see His hand in how things unfolded.

We are being called to be salt and light to a dark and dying world. Yes, we will grieve and mourn, but the sun will return and in the midst of the storm we can be a comfort to others.

I experienced loss after loss in my life, you can find out more in my book Call me Worthy on Amazon. God is good, all the time! He used everything in my life to help others.