Dr. Anne Worth

Christian Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader

Did you ever wonder what people mean when they say, “I am saved?” Saved from what? In my case, there is no question! I was saved from a lifetime of never feeling loved, a lifetime of feeling unworthy. Every day of my life for fifty-five years, I valiantly tried to prove I was worth something.

Despite years of trying, I didn’t succeed in knowing I deserved to be loved. No matter what outer success I attained, inside I felt hopeless. More than once, I wanted to end my life, but God wouldn’t let me go…He wouldn’t let me go before the miracle.

He had always loved me, but I hadn’t known it. He had always been close by, but I hadn’t believed it. He had been pursuing me, but I hadn’t realized it. I was forgiven, but I didn’t think I deserved it.

In my darkest hour, I cried out to Him.

Want to know the rest of the story? In my book, Call me Worthy, you will read about the miracle He has for every person He created. I pray if you don’t know Him, you will meet Him in the pages of the book.