Dr. Anne Worth

Christian Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader

When I originally began to write my book, this letter was the beginning…

My dear reader,

If you feel lost, hopeless, ashamed, or unworthy, I pray that as you read what God has made of me, you will realize that with Jesus, you, too, can have a happy ending to your life story.

Five years ago (2003), Jesus called me into a new life! He restored me and washed me as clean as fresh snow. I am chosen, wanted, sheltered, and sealed by a never-ending, always-present, totally awesome love – a love I did not deserve. I have been adopted by a Father whom I had rejected for over forty years. I had run from Him, raged at Him, and had taken His sweet name in vain; but He was always waiting and wanting me to come home.

God can use every traumatic, unholy situation in our lives for good. If Jesus were on earth today, he would befriend people like me (and maybe you.) Remember, He came for the sinner, the sick, and the hopeless. And that certainly described me.

This is my story. This is my song. I pray you are blessed by it.  

I put this story aside for 17 years, and then God asked me to write it. That request of His resulted in the book Call me Worthy (available on Amazon).