Dr. Anne Worth

Christian Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader

God will heal us and pour His dew upon us and we will blossom like a lily. Hosea 14:5

Isn’t she marvelous? Look at the letters behind her name; look at her lovely house, decorated to the nines. Look at her designer high heels; look at her success as a therapist and speaker, look at her handsome boyfriend. Do you see her pain or only what is visible to the eye?

You might have envied my life from the outside, but secretly, I was living with a sense of failure that resulted in intense emotional pain. I had experienced many devastating problems: divorce, abortion, alcohol and prescription abuse, and a lifetime of serious depression. Somehow I always managed to start over and that determination resulted in a false sense of self-sufficiency and confidence. Pride is a very seductive sin, one that kept me from turning to God or giving Him credit for what I was able to accomplish. In l997, a life-threatening illness ended the charade of outward success and the “I can do it” motto. Read more about how God healed me in my book Call me Worthy (available on Amazon.com)