Dr. Anne Worth

Christian Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader

Problems are a natural part of life, and even though we are in a truly troubling worldwide crisis, there are still good things God is doing in our lives. If we lose sight of that, we could become fearful and distraught. Satan would love for us to think of nothing but the dire things that are happening all around us. He wants us to feel helpless and overwhelmed. But Jesus clearly said, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you…Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” (John 14:27 NIV) The peace he gives us makes no sense to the world, to those who are caught up in the circumstances around us. But we see something the world cannot see, the unseen help that is there for the asking.

What can we do to remember the words of Jesus? Read scripture, learn scripture, put it in our mind and heart. And go to our Father in prayer-our father, who is like a kind Daddy, always wanting to hear what we have to tell him. In prayer we call on God for his strength and comfort. He gives us the peace that makes no sense to the world, especially now. At peace, we more clearly hear the Holy Spirit’s guidance in how to help ourselves, our families, and others!

I am amazed at the joy and creativity I see all around me…from sidewalk chalk messages, encouraging words painted on fences, and rocks are strewn along our path, the goodness and love of people are all around us. Restaurants are sending free meals, folks are sewing masks and donating what they can. I send Pizza to the ER, although I’m afraid they may be getting tired of Pizza. I think my next order will be sandwiches.

If we lose sight of the truth that God is still on the throne, that none of this surprises him and that he can use everything intended for evil and turn it into good. There is no doubt this is a tragedy, an almost unbelievable event, and grief will be all around us and necessary. But the healing grace of God is also unbelievable, that we can have peace and see the good under these circumstances. 

I find my optimism through scripture. If you want to know how I found my way to the Words of Jesus, please read my story in the book entitled Call me Worthy on Amazon.