Dr. Anne Worth

Christian Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader

To the Extreme…

I was thrown down
I am lifted up
I was rejected
I am embraced
I was lost
I am found

My heart was set free by the God who gives us everything the world cannot give.

I thank Him every day.

This is my story.


Unlock Hope

Anne’s story is a message of hope. She describes how the pain of growing up in a dysfunctional family environment resulted in bitterness toward God and poor life choices. There are many examples in the Bible of Jesus reaching out to women who were outcasts. Although they were treated as the lowest of the low, Jesus saw them as lost girls in need of a Father.

Once Jesus touched them and brought them to faith, they helped others believe in the goodness of God. Anne is like one of those women, and you may be too. Filled with regret over poor life choices, see how  healing the pains of your past can lead you into the glorious future the Father has designed just for you.

More than anything, Anne wants readers to know that God is waiting to embrace them and give them new life.


You are Worthy…

No matter what you have done,
No matter what has been done to you,
No matter how life may have locked up your joy,
No matter what,
You can be set free.