Fulfilled in Work

Dr. Anne Worth is an Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader. She is a Christian Counselor who has been in practice for over 40 years, working primarily with issues of addiction and trauma. In addition to being an author and speaker, Anne spearheaded a program in the faith community for women over 55 as well as planning and leading women’s spiritual retreats. When her church implemented a refugee program, Anne served the Lost Girls of Sudan and is still involved with refugee families. Her “Mission Statement Workshop” has been widely attended by all ages.

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Fulfilled Through Community

She enjoys serving the homeless population in Dallas, TX and is fondly known in the Sudanese Refugee Community as Mama Anne. She has a heart for animals and frequently finds herself fostering a wide variety of four-legged friends through a local rescue mission organization.

Fulfilled with Family

Dr. Anne has selflessly served as a surrogate adopted mother to many men and women across the globe.  Blessed to have a parental connection and heart for individuals as diverse as recovered addicts, Russian orphans, and Sudanese refugees, she loves and showers them with the attention and affection their biological families could not provide. She counts their children and their children’s children as her own grandchildren and great-grandchildren.